Mufasa: The Lion King trailer released, Movie Release Date and Voice Cast
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Mufasa: The Lion King Trailer released, Movie Release Date and Voice Cast
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Mufasa: The Lion King is an upcoming American prequel movie of 2019 released ‘The Lion King’ movie which was an animated remake of Disney’s traditionally animated The Lion King movie.

The movie is written by Jeff Nathanson and directed by Academy Awar Winning-director Barry Jenkins which Disney Pictures and Pastel Productions co-produced.

Mufasa The Lion King Release Date

The movie was scheduled to be released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures on July 5, 2024, but the release date was postponed to December 20, 2024, due to the Sag-aftra Strike 2023

The movie tells the prequel story of Mufasa, the father of Simba in The Lion King movie. Rafiki will be featured telling the story to Kiara(Daughter of Simba and Nala) about her Grandfather Mufasa who was betrayed and killed by his brother Scar (Uncle of Simba).

Mufasa will be introduced as an orphaned cub who is alone and lost and meets a companionable lion named Taka — the heir to a royal bloodline.

Walt Disney Studios released the trailer of the movie on April 30, where Fans expressed their mixed responses about the making of the movie where the creators backlashed the background and originality of the Mufasa and plotted out a story that looked new.

Trailer of Mufasa: The Lion King

 Voice Cast of the Movie Mufasa: The Lion King

Blue Ivy Carter was introduced as Kiara who is the daughter of Simba and Nala and granddaughter of Mufasa. Blue Ivy Carter is also the real daughter of Beyonce Knowles-Carter who is playing (Nala) the Mother of Kiara in the movie too. Here’s the full cast of the movies.

Mufasa- Aaron Pierre will be seen as Mufasa in the movie while Kelvin Harrison Jr. is playing Taka(Scar) in Mufasa: the Lion King.

The Colorful funny character in the movie Pumba and Timon will once again be played by Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner.

Young Rafiki will be seen narrating the story of Mufasa to her granddaughter Kiara where young Rafiki’s character is played by Kagiso Lediga and adult role by John Kani.

Mufasa’s Wife Sarabi is voiced by Tiffany Boone and a red-billed hornbill bird character famous as Zazu is played by Preston Nyman. Zazu is the mentor of Mufasa and Simba-Nala as seen in the movie The Lion King.

Kiros will be presented as a a powerful lion with grand ambitions for his pride which is played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The iconic character of the movie ‘The Lion King’ Simba is played by singer and actor Donald Glover in the upcoming Mufasa: The Lion King.

Eshe is the mother of Taka(Scar) and the adoptive mother of Mufasa is played by Thandiwe Newton while Lennie James is the mate of Eshe also the father of Scar in the movie.

Masego is the biological father of Mufasa played by Keith David and Afia by Anika Noni Rose as the biological Mother of Mufasa.

New Characters in Mufasa: The Lion King

Three completely new characters are introduced in the movie Kiara(Daughter of Nala and Simba), Kiros a powerful lion with grand ambitions, and young Rafiki.

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FAQs on Mufasa: The Lion King

Who Killed Mufasa?

Mufasa was killed by his jealous brother Scar to reign over the Pride Land by throwing him from the cliff into a rushing crowd of wildebeests.

Who is Simba?

Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi who eventually become the King of the Rock Pride after defeating Scar in the battles.

 Who is Blue Ivy Carter?

Blue Ivy Carter is the daughter of Beyonce Knowles-Carter who is introduced in the new character Kiara in the movie Mufasa: The Lion King.

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