Public Latest is an infotainment Site made by bloggers and Newswriters with the intent to deliver the latest updates and information to the readers as quickly as possible. Many Bloggers and Newswriters work with effort and dedication day and night tirelessly to create and deliver content to our readers. 

The only reason behind the name Public Latest is to provide the latest updates and information at the fingertips of public as quickly as possible in an interesting way.

The main objective of the PublicLatest is to build a loyal base of readers who love to watch and read news online on the web and mobile.

The public latest news and content are also available on different social media handles of Public Latest like X (formerly Twitter) Facebook and Instagram.

From the time we created this Infotainment site, Our bloggers and news writers have been completely aware of the intention and objective behind the creation of the site. Social Media News, the Entertainment sector from movies to series, and Sports news and updates covering cricket to football are the main motives for the creation of this site.

Public Latest aims to provide readers with Sports information, Entertainment, and updates that will not only keep our readers up-to-date but also content that provides entertainment and satisfies the user.

On this Website, you will get all types of the latest news and information:

Ankeet Bhandari: Founder and CEO of Public Latest

Ankeet Bhandari: CEO and Founder of Public Latest
Ankeet Bhandari

Ankeet Bhandari is a successful Blog Writer and Content Creator also experienced with Social Media marketing. Ankeet Bhandari has been blogging since 2021 and has worked for different blog sites previously. Ankeet Bhandari successfully pursued a Diploma in General Medicine from Meditech International Academy in 2023.