Why is Gudi Padwa Celebrated?

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Gudi Padwa is a Hindu festival mostly celebrated by the people of the Marathi and Konkani communities in and around Maharashtra, Goa, and some regions of Konkan.

The word ‘Gudi’ means the flag of lord Bramha while Padwa means Pratipada(the first day of the new moon phase in the Hindu calendar).

The Gudi Padwa is celebrated marking the beginning of the lunar calendar’s new year. People celebrate the Gudi Padwa by cleaning and decorating their houses with colorful rangolis and Gudis on the day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. It is celebrated for only 1 day with street gatherings, dancing & festive food sharing. 

When is Gudi Padwa Celebrated?

Gudi Padwa begins at 11: 50 PM on the Pratipada Tithi on April 8 and ends on the same tithi on April 9 at 08: 30.

Pratipada Tithi — April 8, 2024–11:50 PM
Pratipada Tithi- April 9, 2024- 08: 30 PM

How is Gudi Padwa Celebrated?

 Marathi and Konkani Hindus celebrate it ritually by starting the day early in the morning and taking a holy bath using oil

Floors are decorated with multiple colors combined called Rangoli and houses are decorated with flags(dhaja)and mainly Lord Bramha is worshipped ritually in this festival. Hindu People believe Lord Bramha is the creator of the world and offer prayers and Bhog Prasad to Lord Bramha on this day.

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