Simon Harris elected as New PM of Ireland
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Simon Harris elected as New PM of Ireland
Simon Harris

Simon Harris elected as the New PM of Ireland being the youngest Irish Prime Minister at 37 after Leo Varadkar resigned from the Taoiseach post.

Simon Harris from Fine Gael took over as the New PM of Ireland on Tuesday becoming the youngest PM of Ireland. Ex-PM Leo Varadkar resigned from the post sighting his personal and political reasons. Leo Varadkar mentioned “My reasons for stepping down now are personal and political, but mainly political,” without much drama.

Simon Harris was put at the front line by the Fine Gael party last month for Taoiseach. Simon has been a former health and higher education minister in his political career.

Simon Harris has seen a huge surge in his political journey from entering Irish politics at the raw age of 16 from the youth section of the Christian-democratic Fine Gael Political party.

Simon’s Journey got more flourished in Ireland after he became the county councilor at the age of 22 and the youngest member of the Parliament of Ireland at just the age of 24 in 2011.

Simon worked as the Health Minister in 2016 which was his biggest achievement at the age of 29 in 2016 and later served as Higher education minister at the age of 33 in 2020. Just 5 years later after handling the responsibility as a Higher education minister, Simon Harris will now be seen working as PM of Ireland. 

Simon expressed his delighted happiness and said “I accept this nomination to serve as Taoiseach and I commit to doing everything I can to honour the trust so many have shown in me,”

 He also mentioned regards and thankfulness to his party Fine Gael, his partners in Government, Fianna Fáil the Green Party, and Independent TDs for showing faith and confidence in him as a leader.

Simon special mentioned tribute to his political friend Leo Varadkar and said “The history books will record the incredible service he did for our country dealing with some of the biggest challenges of our time, most notably Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic,”

Simon Harris speaking following his election as Taoiseach

In his speech, he recalled his old time’s struggle when his family was not by his side initially for choosing politics in his life but got support in every step of his decision without a single question. He further added “They have been my driving force, often making personal sacrifices to ensure the success of their three children. I hope they can be proud today of their eldest son, because I would not be standing here were it not for them,”

Simon Harris gave special mention to his better half and children and stated “My biggest thank you goes to my wife Caoimhe, who is my rock and an incredible mother to our two beautiful children. And lastly, to my children Saoirse and Cillian, who mean the absolute world to me:

 Simon Harris added he would look over those matters that he felt important then, leaving a special message to those who put faith in him “I promise ‘to preside over a government committed to public service, at a time when such commitment is so urgently required’.

Simon promised to bring new ideas, new energy, and a new empathy to public life.

He puts his bold statement about the current and future of Irish Citizens and said “But now is an opportune time to build a new social contract — one which renews our promise as a Republic. To create equality of opportunity. To support those who need the State the most. To protect our hard-earned economic success.”

 Simon Harris addressed Housing as the greatest societal and economic challenge of the generation, his commitment to building more homes and driving more home ownership, and his prioritization of the delivery of mental health services.

PM of Ireland mentions this time as a threat in the world recalling the importance of Leadership and courageous people standing firm against unprovoked war and aggression.

Simon didn’t leave behind in standing against the unforgivable terrorist actions of Hamas on October 7th and the disproportionate reaction of the Israeli Government.

He added that his political history has been defined by his quest for freedom mentioning Freedom of country, freedom of conscience, and the freedom to achieve freedom.

 He asked to shower trust and express no hesitation to any leader of the party promising to be a Taoiseach for all. He concluded on people’s expectation of them to do more and showcased their belief to stand strong on the people’s expectation putting themselves at no 1.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Who is the PM of Ireland?
    Simon Harris elected as the New PM of Ireland being the youngest Irish Prime Minister at 37.
  2. Who is Simon Harris?
    Simon Harris is the newly elected PM of Ireland and leader of Christian-democratic Fine Gael Political party.
  3. When was Simon Harris elected as PM of Ireland?
    Simon Harris was elected as the PM of Ireland on Tuesday Afternoon at 9th April 2024.

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