New IPL Rules For 2024
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New IPL rules 2024
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The Smart Replay system and the second bouncer in an over are the two new inclusions in the rule book of IPL.

Indian Premier League(IPL) 17th edition is set to kick off on March 22(Friday). The First opening match is between the 5-time champion and also the defending champion Chennai Super Kings and Fan’s Favorite Royal Challenger Bengaluru. CSK will be hosting the opening match at Chidambaram Stadium in Chepauk.

The excitement for the opening match and the 2-month long tournament’s daily thriller matches is itself unmatchable. 

Several rules were introduced in different editions of the IPL. The impact player rule was added to IPL’s 16th edition last year which was A player from the selected 5 substitutes of the team can join the game by replacing one of the players from the starting 11 of the team. The impact player rule has been proven a boon for many teams.

This year also IPL made a 100% effort to add more Spice to the game and introduced two new rules in the game. Two new rules of IPL 2024 are the Second bouncer in an over and Smart Replay System.

The second Bouncer in an over

Allowing 2 bouncer balls in an over is going to be implemented from this 17th edition of IPL. This rule will ease and give relief to the bowlers more than the batters. This rule will make the batters think about the possibility of suspicious second bouncer delivery in an over.

In the previous edition of IPL bowler was only allowed to bowl one bouncer in an over whereas the second bouncer was called a no-ball. The second bouncer delivery will help bowlers bowl with extra freedom in this edition and Fans to enjoy the ups and downs in the thriller game.

Smart Replay System

Smart Replay System is a rule introduced to give more precise and accurate decisions. In the previous edition, there used to be a TV director who used to act as a mediator between the Ground Hawk Eye Operators and the Third umpire. 

 Now onward after this rule, the Third umpire will be directly connected with the Ground Hawk Eye Operators. The third umpire will have direct access to a wider range of images and multiple camera views and angles including Split screen views directly from the Hawk-Eye Operator.

 The inclusion of this rule is expected to help the third umpire to give more precise decisions during the DRS calls and fans are also expected to enjoy the Smart Replay System. 

These are the 2 new rule updates viewers are going to see in action in the 17th edition of Ipl 2024. We hope you love the coverage of the new rule of IPL and hope to connect with you again with more cricketing updates and facts.

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