MrBeast In Nepal Revitalize the Hospital
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MrBeast In Nepal Revitalize the Hospital  
Image Credit: Beast Philanthrophy

MrBeast in Nepal revitalized the hospital in Chanaute Primary Health Clinic, a new hospital in Kholagaun Village, Sindhuli District, Nepal in Fikkal Rural Municipality, with no electricity by powering them with Solar Panels and making them fully operational which is expected to benefit more than 16000 people with basic to maternity service.

MrBeast is a global YouTuber celebrity who had the second highest subscribers on the YouTube Channel with 253 Million subscribers.

MrBeast is famous for giveaways in his videos and for the charity help programs through different sponsors.

MrBeast program to revitalize the hospital is assisted by long-term partners of MrBeast ‘GivePower’ who had already collaborated on previous three projects in Kenya, Colombia, and Zambia in the peaceful Philanthropy Video.

GivePower is a non-profit social organization that focuses on providing clean water and energy systems in different regions of the world. GivePower has installed 2,650 solar power installations in villages across 17 different countries.

The CEO of the Green Program Melissa Lee heavily contributed with the projects by providing a bunch of students and volunteers to complete the project.

The Green Program is focused on initiatives or projects aimed at promoting environmental sustainability or addressing ecological issues.

Environmental Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Education, and Awareness come under the basic focus of Green Program Nepal.

Heres MrBeast in Nepal Video in his YouTube channel Beast Philanthrophy

MrBeast in Nepal Revitalizing the Hospital in Sindhuli

Nepali Biomedical Engineer and Solar Project Developer Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri was also part of the project.

Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri also mentioned his project of a baby warmer ‘Nyano Nani’ he made with his teams after getting inspired by a baby in a wooden box with light assembled in it for heating purposes.

Nyano Nani became successful and also won the People’s Choice Award in the USA. Nyano Nani a baby warmer is in use in many hospitals in Nepal it is a simple yet convenient and useful invention by Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri

MrBeast mentions due to the isolation of this community they have no electricity causing local doctors to have poor or No access to proper medical equipment. 

He added doctors often had to perform surgeries and complex procedures in the dark using flashlights and very basic tools.

In case of need for more advanced treatment patients need to walk hours to reach higher medical centers. To avoid such problems and help people access basic medical care MrBeast collaborated with Give Powers for the projects.

Nepali Biomedical Engineer Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri mentions the tragic story of a mother from the same village losing her newborn due to cold temperatures and a lack of proper medical facilities.

Darren and his team GivePower mentioned the friendliness and authenticity of Nepali people which impressed them a lot during the project with MrBeast in Nepal.

We deeply appreciate GivePowers and The Green Program for working along with MrBeast in Nepal for their combined collaboration in the project that will surely benefit thousands of people.

Special Mention to Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri for his effort and contributiona and invention of Nyano Nani which is a great invention.

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