How RCB can Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs?
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Here's How RCB can Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs?
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if you are True RCB fans then this is for you wondering How RCB can Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs?

Yes RCB can qualifies for the IPL 2024 Playoffs but RCB’s qualification for the Playoff looks quite tough onward from here with just 6 points from 3 wins in 10 games at the bottom of the table but Nothing is impossible in the field as we have already Chennai Super Kings winning back-to-back matches to qualify for playoffs in the previous IPL’s editions.

Yes, the fan’s favorite Royal Challenger Bengaluru still qualifies for the IPL 2024 playoff but it needs miracle and luck for RCB to be part of the 2024 Playoffs.

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It would be fair to say from this point RCB alone on its own can’t qualify for the playoffs, it will heavily rely on other teams’ performance and stats for the qualification.

Royal Challenger Bengaluru had already started with 2 wins in last 2 matches they played, Will jacks domination in the field with his Century led a comfortable win over Gujarat Titans. Will Jacls smahed a 41 balss century against GT

Let’s turn the wheel of luck in RCB’s favor to see RCB qualifying for IPL 2024 playoffs.

Here’s How RCB can Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs?

  1. Let’s suppose the top 3 teams Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Rider, and Chennai Super Kings fixed the top 3 spots showing their dominant game efforts over other teams which will only allow competition for the fourth spot in the playoffs. 
  2. RCB needs to win all its remaining matches against Gujarat Titans, Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, and Chennai Super Kings which will end up RCB with 14 points. 

The remaining games’ results should be in the following ways.

Rajasthan Royals 

Rajasthan Royals should win their remaining matches except one with Chennai Super Kings will make them most comfortable in the points table with 24 points.

Kolkata Knight Rider

Kolkata Knight Riders should win all 5 matches which will end them with 20 points in the point table.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings should win their remaining 4 matches except one with RCB which will provide them with 18 points in the points table. 

Lucknow Super Giant

  • Lucknow Super Giants should lose all its remaining 4 matches except one with Sunriser Hyderabad will end up with 12 points on the points table

Sunriser Hyderabad

  • Sunriser Hyderabad is currently at No. 4 with 10 points, they must lose their remaining 4 matches except one with LSG which will provide them, with only 12 points in the points table.

Delhi Capitals 

  • Delhi Capitals winning only one match against LSG from its remaining will end them with only 10 points in the points table.

Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans should lose all its remaining matches which will also end them around the 7th, or 8th position in the table with 8 points.

Punjab Kings 

  • Punjab Kings should lose their all remaining matches which will make them roam around the bottom of the points table with only 6 points.

Mumbai Indians 

  • Mumbai Indians should win only one match against Lucknow Super Giants in its remaining 3 matches will end them around the the bottom of table.

That’s all to know How RCB can Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs? Th 14 points with right under RCB’s favor can be the playoff track for Royal Challenger Begaluru this season.

Rajasthan Royals with 24 points, Kolkata Knight Riders with 20 points, Chennai Super Kings with 20 points, and Royal Challenger Bengaluru with 14 points will qualify for the playoff if thing goes right in the favor of RCB.

However, it is almost impossible for all the things to go right for Royal Challenger Bengaluru, and it is tough to expect RCB to win all remaining matches when they have managed only 3 in the last 10 games. 

What do you think Can RCB qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs? comment your opinion below.

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