What will happen if Rain interrupts the India vs England match?

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What will happen if Rain interrupts the India vs England match?
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If Rain interrupts the gameplay at Guyana and the India vs England game does not happen then India will qualify for the Finals being the topper of the group. 

Despite rain interruption Game can still be continued with a reduction of the overs for both sides. 

However, there is no reserve day for the Semi-Final-2 in Guyana due to the strict schedule of Semi-final-2 and Finals. Read more to know In which condition the game can be continued.

The most awaited match and rivalry of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 India vs England in the semi-final is creating trends and trends in the social media handles.

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The match gets more interesting as India will look for revenge for the last edition’s T20 World Cup disastrous semi-final loss by 10 wickets against England while England will look to defend their title. 

South Africa has already qualified for the Finals and the winner of India vs England will meet undefeated South Africa in the finals of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Final.

The whole Cricket world is expecting a thriller match in the second Semi-final India vs England but the weather has something different to say that may upset cricket fans worldwide.

Extra Time for Semi-Final-2 (India vs England)

Though there is no reserve day for the Semi-Finals, ICC has allotted 250 extra minutes for the India vs England match to continue or run the game in the best possible way in case rain affects the play.

 However 10 overs game per side is mandatory to produce the results of the Semi-final-2 to constitute the match if not India will go through the Finals.

As per ESPNCricninfo, an ICC spokesperson confirmed that the match will start losing overs only after 12.10 AM IST (2:40 PM local time), and for the semi-final to be constituted as a match a 10-over per side game has to be completed with a start by 4.14 PM local time (1:44 AM IST)

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India vs England 2022 Semi-Finals

The final of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will be played at Kensington Oval Barbados on 29 June at 8 PM IST.

Who do you think will make it to the finals in the India vs England match? Will India take revenge? or England will dominate again? Comments below…

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